Software Developer / Software Engineer- Winter 2021

St. John's, NL   |   Internship

Job Role: 

As an intern, you will work with existing developers to ensure quality and timeliness of development milestones and performing front end and back end development support as required.

 Our tech stack:

  • ES6 JavaScript
  • React + CSS
  • NodeJS + ExpressJS
  • MongoDB using mongoose
  • Yarn package manager

Representative job responsibilities include: 

  • Develop and maintain the front and backend of the web application
  • Write tests to ensure code functionality
  • Review other developer's code
  • Participate in UI/UX design and reviews
  • Work with a small team of passionate developers
  • Understand problem/product vision
  • Perform product testing before major releases
  • Document requirements as needed
  • Make product development enhancements based on skill levels

Knowledge and desire to learn any of the following preferred: 

  • UX best practices
  • HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • RESTful Webservices
  • Flutter platform for mobile
  • Great communicator
  • High level of accountability

Our ideal candidate: 

  • Familiar with testing and QA
  • Able to work independently
  • UI/UX design experience
  • Passionate about development and learning
  • A good team player

Start date: January, 2021

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